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Laurie Long         Laurie Long

Laurie is a mother of three rambunctious boys, and has been a loving wife to her best friend David for over 16 years.  

“I am also a women with a belief that every moment in life is precious.”

With that belief in mind she strives to Photograph the moments we least expect, the look in one’s eye when they are told they are loved, or the first kiss from a bended knee.  The joy found in a parents eyes as they gaze at their newest addition to their family; and in their child’s eyes when a great milestone is achieved. 

As an Award Winning Photographer Laurie has been given the privilege to be a part of many of those events.

Her accolades include:

2013- Semi-Finalist Sacramento’s RAW Artist-Photography

2014- 1st Place, Ken Calhoun Memorial Photo Contest

A Published Photograher with her photography featured in:

Hell on Heals, a London, England based Magazine for models.

Me and Mine, A Local Community based magazine for families in Northern California.

Laurie is also exceedingly committed to her community; with her emphasis on fostering a better tomorrow for those in need. She does this with her various contributions through her photography, by not only donating her time year after year to The United Way, Golden Valley Auto Body’s Season of Giving, Rotary International’s: A Day in the Life of Yuba-Sutter, Local Trap Shoot, Centennial Celebration Fundraiser supporting The Children’s Homes Society of California, Crab Feed. But also through her donations she has repeatedly supported Family Soup, a local organization created to help families with children with severe disabilities such as those on the Autism Spectrum. This has been especially close to Laurie and her families hearts because two of her boys are on the Autism Spectrum.

With her recent move to East Tennessee from Northern California, we had to ask what motivated you to make such a huge change?

“My mother, actually grew up in Oak Ridge, while my grandfather worked at Y-12. She has always had fond memories of East Tennessee, and for my 15 year wedding anniversary, she surprised my husband and I with a week trip to Tennessee... and we completely fell in Love with the area, and the people here.”

We asked Laurie, What keeps you motivated with your photography?

“Definitely has to be the beauty I have found in some of the most difficult times in my life, for me photography has motivated me to get out and reconnect with the community at large to rediscover it’s beauty. I was faced with a near death experience at 29 when I had very nearly lost my life due to a Blood Clot at seven and a half weeks in my third pregnancy. I had a DVT which had left me weak and bed bound for the next 3 months and at the time felt like a death sentence and it nearly had been. I realized early on that somethings I had wanted to do later in life might never happen. I had lost my mobility and my ability to do even the simplest of tasks without help and in fact just breathing some days was exceedingly difficult. Walking was nearly impossible without help.  My Doctors had told me to prepare for the worst case scenario, that I might never be able to hold my unborn child in my arms, or watch my two older boys grow into men and meet their loves of their life’s, and start their own families because at the end of my pregnancy I may not be alive to experience any of it. As one could expect that took me into a very dark place and to escape from my own head my husband began taking me on evening drives to watch the sunsets over the Sutter Buttes, California this became my motivation. I would look forward to the escape at the end of the day. A few months past and my husband purchased a Christmas present that would begin to change my life. He had given me a brand new Canon T3i, so I could document memories for the boys in the event I didn’t survive the birth of our third son. In a strange way my motivation quickly changed, I began to appreciate our evening outings, and I began realizing while taking pictures I would forget I was an invalid for a time because I was focusing on what was on the other side of the lens more than my own predicament. Incredibly walking became easier and I began realizing that life was not only possible after my pregnancy; but that I was not going to give up without a fight. For me photography became my escape; my life line; and soon enough my motivation to live past my ‘expiration date’! Not long after we were able to welcome our new bundle of energy into our lives, whom we discovered loved to be in the car for the evening drives and just so happen to fall a sleep easier when we did go on our evening outings. So it became our nightly routine for the next few months and of course I always brought my camera!”

Over the years Long Love Photography and Laurie have donated much of her Landscape Photography back to the community in supporting many local charities some of those include: Bridges to Housing’s: Trees and Traditions, Rideout Health Foundation’s Annual Golf Tournament, Yuba City Rotary Club’s Crab Feed, South Yuba County Sunrise Rotary’s Trap shoot, South Yuba County Rotary Centenial Celebration, Hats and Horses for Hospice, Family Soup, Twin Rivers Charter School, Lincoln Elementary School, David Tarter Memorial Race, Loma Rica Lions Club, Boy Scouts of America Local 389 Packs and Troops, Yuba Sutter Theater, Yuba Sutter Arts, The Acting Company, Trinity Life Church, Andros Karparos Middle School Band, Sutter-Buttes Little League, Peach Bowl Little League, Yuba-Sutter Arts: Portraits of Veterans, Sutter County Memorial Museum, Art-O-Culture, Rideout Memorial Hospital’s Dancing with Our Stars, Harvest for the Arts and many, many more. 

Since 2013, and even before she began Long Love Photography, Laurie’s efforts to enforce a positive change in her community have been what has driven her to give back when and wherever she can. Over the years she has given hundreds of hours back to the community by speaking to women’s groups on how she has overcome great odds, and stayed positive in some of the most trying times in her life.  When she was asked what kept her so focused on the Yuba-Sutter community, her response was simple, “It’s the people, and the Community Spirit.”

We asked Laurie what her favorite time of day was to take photographs;  “Gosh that’s hard! I really don’t think there is a time of day I don’t love capturing the beauty of the area, but if I had to choose I would have to say Sunset…yes, definitely Sunset!”

What do you believe sets you apart from other photographers in the area?

I believe my versatility, and adaptability under pressure plays a huge roll, plus I truly love Wedding Photography, it provides an incredible opportunity for me to get creative, and allow for a unique photography experience for each couple.”

What is you favorite part of a wedding to photograph?

“ I have two actually, I love to have my couples when they are walking back down the isle after they are married to kiss again just as everyone turns to watch them leave the ceremony it is such a joyous moment, the candidness of the moment shows the true happiness of the couples. My second favorite is a tie between the first dance, and the cutting of the cake. I love to capture the intimacy of both moments, plus who doesn’t love cake, I mean it’s cake!”

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